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Wanted to see if anyone knew any up to date info on the FCCA. I know that it is currently not available in computer format so as of right now they are sending out a pencil/paper version to be completed at home. I called excelsior last week to ask and all I got was a very generic answer. I was told that the FCCA would be ready in the spring, she quickly then said that could mean February, April, May etc....Anyone get a more definte answer???




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this is the message they sent me once i became cpne eligible:

congratulations, you are eligible to take the text version of the focused clinical competencies assessment (fcca). the text version of the fcca will be available only until the computerized version becomes available (estimated time march 2009). if you have not taken the text version by the time the computerized version is available, you will be required to take the computerized version. please find attached the registration form for the fcca text version.

thank you.

They are coming out with the comp version mid Sept. I was one of the last students to get the paper version..its a bit confusing so i hope the comp version is much better


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The FCCA has been coming out since the summer of 2008. For some reason they can't get it done. Take the pen and paper version. In a way I don't see how they can put some of the information on computer form because they ask for subjective and objective information. How can a computer look at your info and determine whats right or wrong. The info that they are asking has too many grey areas. Trust me when you get the paper version you will see what I mean. Also after taking the CPNE, the FCCA will be a piece of cake!

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