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Favorite Sports People

OK who is your favorite sports person - here in Australia - we are seen as sport mad (l believe correctly) We have many sports people who we admire - not just cricket soccer footy etc - but athletics hockey gymnastics basketball and netball -

So who do you admire and why



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Team-wise, the Aussie Netball Team. They rock! We went to see them in Manchester at the Commonwealth Games when they wupped Sth Africa's collective butt.

I love Cathy Freeman's drive, determination and the fact that she was so ready to give up on her career for her husband when he got sick.

For perve value though, you can't go past Geoff Huegill. I stood not 2m away from him when we arrived at the swimming finals of the C'wlth Games, and a finer specimen of manly manhood I have never seen. *swoon*

Thorpedo, eat your heart out! :D

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Dawn Frazer. Why? Coz I reckon she's just GREAT!!

Gutsy, as well as caring & sensitive to others. A real Aussie, down to earth, full of fun & good sense of humour. A very "ordinary" Aussie, no airs 'n' graces. Says it as it is.

I also think she was treated BADLY by the olympic committee way back when & I admire her for still continuing to give of herself to sport in Australia. Especailly the young ones up & coming on their careers etc.

From todays "stars", I also go with Geoff Huegill.

I think he's a sweetie & a damn good sport. He was cheated out of a world title here in SA some years ago & I've always felt so sorry for him because of that. It was something to do with the pads not registering he'd hit them at the end of the race or some such. Not Geoff's fault at all, yet they still wouldn't give him the title!!




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I lurve Dawnie, she reminds me of my grandma - no pretentions and will do anything for you. She also has a cheeky streak that just has to be admired :D

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