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I'm a first-year nursing student and am getting very excited about actually getting to apply my emerging craft some day. And I was wondering; from what I can tell so far there are dozens of excellent areas to specialize in and many seem to be very rewarding - but - if you are already working as a nurse, what has been your favorite assignment so far? What really turned you on? In what setting do you get lots of variety and new learning?

Thank for any responses.



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Specializes in MDS coordinator, hospice, ortho/ neuro.

I liked Ortho, loved Hospice but could only handle doing that for a couple of years ( worked on a really intense in-patient hospice unit), love doing the MDS.


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Specializes in Critical Care/ICU.

I absolutely LOVE critical care. An assignment that keeps me on my toes and alert all 12 hours of my night is what I thrive on. When there's a really sick patient that requires 2+ nurses and doctors in the room constantly it really makes me feel like a part of a very important team. Nothing beats it especially when the night results in a stable patient.

The part of critical care I don't like is when patients become chronic IUC'ers. It's so sad. For this reason, I'm also beginning to look into hospice nursing.


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I just love ER and clinic nursing....it keeps me on my toes and I am always learning something new....Ruthie


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I work Orthopedics right now, don't mind it, but it is not my passion. When I was a nursing student, I had a clinical on a floor that was just labeled "medical unit" I really loved it there, I saw so many different cases, got to be involved in small procedures done in the rooms, I was always busy, but not overwhelmed. I really learned a lot and felt that I really got to apply what I learned in nursing school to actual patient situations!

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