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Father of 4 trying to get through nursing school and working as fast as humanly possible

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I'm in Northern California and in sales and I absolutely hate it. I've shadowed a couple of nurses and talked to a lot more and have decided to pursue nursing. I have a bachelors in business management so I was considering doing an accelerated BSN but to get through the pre reqs I would be looking at a year and a half before I could even apply. I talked to a friend that did an ADN program in Utah that covered pre reqs and everything all in 22 months. Is there something similar in Northern California preferably near Sacramento that anyone knows of?

AnnieOaklyRN, BSN, RN, EMT-P

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You would need to look at two year colleges, their curriculum, and meet with an advisor to see what credits will transfer. You would be more marketable in the end with a BSN, given that I think most of CA hospitals prefer that over a two year degree.


Chamberlain has a 3 year BSN program and they take people with or without the pre reqs since they offer them all. The 3 years includes them but it is also very expensive.

Samuel merit also does an accelerated bsn program if you have a bachelors already but it is also expensive and I think you need the pre reqs done first.

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Fast is not always the answer. In addition attending any sort of ABSN program while working is difficult at best, especially if you are trying to provide for and spend any time at all with your family - that is assuming that you are even allowed to work. One of the schools I'm applying to makes you sign a waiver that you will NOT be employed during the program (if you are caught you will be dismissed from the program and not allowed to re-apply). If you have help to provide while you work it won't be nearly as bad - but family time will be limited. Just like everything else in life - there is a price to pay - you will have to make tough choices. Good Luck.