fastest way to get LVN license?



I want to get my LVN license quick so I can start working. What is the fastest route and how much would it cost me? I eventually want to purse a BSN degree too....I thought about being a CNA first but I am not too sure about that...I heard that you can gain great experiences being an CNA first though but I don't think I want to waste all that time though. Anyone?

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I paid plenty of money to attend a private trade school's 12-month LVN program. This route cost me $20,000 back in 2004. If you plan to pursue your BSN degree at a later date, the credits earned at the trade school might not transfer to the university.

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I did it at a CC in 12 months.


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The CNA course at my CC is only 1 month... so its not like its a huge time investment. Our LPN program is 3 semesters. As for "what it will cost you" I think thats something that you need to do a bit of your own research on. Every avenue is different, and the amt of difficulty in getting IN at those schools is different. I lucked out and got into our community college LPN program with no wait (its a brand new program in a very out of the way county) but many have to jump through a lot more hoops to get in than I did.

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