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I have spent the last year writing essays and filling out applications on Fast Web Scholarships. I cannot even begin to tell you the number of essays I have written. Not once, have I ever been contacted by ANY scholarship committees. Not even to confirm receipt of my application/essay or even to say I was being considered.

Now I know this is a nation-wide thing so there are a lot of candidates, however, I also know that I am a strong essay writer having won different contests and local scholarships in the past that were based solely on essays. After talking to several other students on my campus, no one else has ever had any feedback from scholarships on this site either.

So, my question: Is this site for real? has anyone here ever gotten a scholarship from their efforts on this website? Just curious.


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I have filled out a few...and no bites what-so-ever. So, I don't even bother anymore.


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I have been using their site for at least 4 to 5 years and I still have never received one. I have heard by many professionals that it is a legit site. My problem mainly is I do not qualify for many so you really have to look at the stipulations for the scholarship.

Good Luck!


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I think I'm going to stop wasting my time. The general concensus is that no one ever gets awarded anything or even hears back. So, scratch them off my list.


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I still get their irritating emails where you have to click through a bunch of annoying advertisements, only to find out that the scholarship isn't relevant, or requires me to make some ridiculous video, etc. Once in a while, I do check out a scholarship that sounds interesting, but I haven't wasted my time writing essays, having heard that my chances of getting an award are pretty much nil. Fastweb, owned by Monster, is "legit," but I haven't found them very useful.

Maybe someone will post here that they *did* win a scholarship and we'll all feel optimistic again. :)

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