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fast track -5 week Anatomy/Phys/Micro study tips?

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I'm enrolled in a block schedule-5 week fast track science course- anatomy is the first five weeks, then physiology is the second five weeks and last microbiology is the final 5 weeks. I'm already a little overwhelmed because I really want to excel and stay ahead of the class. What is the best way to study for a course like this and get an (A) in each class? I wanted to know should I email the professor on getting the class syllabus early? The class starts in sept and I would like to get ahead start on the reading. How can I find out about the professor and the way he/she teaches?

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Good day, tasha92337:

You are certainly brave; even though I love sciences, and took those classes doing well in each, I would never ever consider a that short of time span. Not just because doing well would be so hard, but also because of the questions involving how much would be retained for nursing school. Today I had a dosage calculation test (the 100% pass or fail type). Imagine to my surprise one of the nurse proctors stated we should still remember our AP1, AP2 information, and then proceeded to ask us a verbal AP question where there was one right, "best" answer among several. Imagine how much one might not retain after a fast paced (6 week or less) class (that would be my chief concern).

1. Do contact each professor in advance for the copy of the syllabus; do then, go through the syllabus to mark down chapter readings, quizzes, exams, papers, etc.

2. Do look at blocking higher than the normal amount of time per class.

3. Stay focused, and be disciplined with time management.

Thank you.

P.S. While we were not graded on the AP question we got asked right before the dosage calculation question, the person who got the only right answer correct quickly did earn a raised eyebrow (as if surprised some one answered that quickly) and smile.

Try looking up the professor on ratemyprofessor.com. I've done this each semester prior to nursing school just to get am idea of what to expect. Also, emailing the professors beforehand for any reason should be fine. I've also done this many times to inquire about everything from class materials to the schedule, etc.

On the plus side, the order of these courses you're taking will allow for better understanding of the body systems, and will help you build a foundation for each, subsequent class. The downside is the short time frame. My anatomy professor, a former M.D., told us at the beginning of the semester that learning anatomy is like drinking water from a fire hose. I would suggest flash cards, lots of time in the lab identifying the structures, and study partners. Offer to tutor/assist others even if you're unsure of your own knowledge. This helps you to learn humility, how not to be afraid to ask questions, how to make mistakes, as well as it helps you learn how other people learn.

Good luck! Do your best, and don't fixate on a particular grade. Just persevere.


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Study often. You're never going to retain all that information without studying often. Take your notes EVERYWHERE. Review them until you're blue in the face, and don't plan on having much of a social life for the next 15 weeks. This will not be easy. Micro is a very, very intense class. So is A&P. There is a lot to learn and a lot to know, it's not your typical "dump" class. You NEED to know this stuff. But, if you put in the time and effort, you should do fine.

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful tips. I will start emailing the professors.


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