Fast-Paced Classes -- How to Manage Information?


Hello! I was wondering if anybody had any tips for studying/managing information in fast-paced classes. I'm thinking classes like anatomy, microbiology, or pharmacology where there are a bunch of things you need to just know. I know that personally I get a little stressed when information is constantly being thrown at me too quickly and I was wondering if anyone had a good way to deal with this sort of thing...

Thanks! :)


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I don't start ns yet since it begins in summertime. I can tell you my experience with an 8 week course for microbio during a summer session. It went by quick, the prof covered a chapter or two in a short amount of time. Daily reading and studying is essential to being on top of your game. I find that it is really back to back work to read the book, compare notes to book, answer study guides,etc. After class ends you have to go through notes and lecture slides. If you still have some portion left of the chapter to read finish and begin the next chapter. Take a look at the chapter outlines, objectives, skim the headings before class starts. With exams almost every 2 weeks you have to be consistently reading the book and trying to understand the material. If you don't get something try to contact your professor asap and do some searching on the internet. You will feel a little burnt out at some point in all this so take a break eat, nap, do something that will reenergize you for a small period of time and then get back in the groove.

I also found having a voice recorder to be invaluable. I didn't have the swiftness to write down everything but just the main things. The recorder is handy for those details you missed.


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In such a short amount of time there's a lot of stuff to do. If you can really focus on the material everyday I think you can and will succeed.

I personally can't cram at the last moments notice so I spread studying over a period of time. I also study intensively going over things the day before the exam and a little bit before the exam.

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Study every day. I have flash cards on my phone so any down time i have I can practice. Study in smaller blocks of time so your brain doesn't "tune it out"


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Personally the more I link information the easier I understand it and the more effectively I remember it!

Try reading ahead, then after class connect the lecture to your reading, previous notes, concepts you already understand, and anything else that works for you.

It's impossible to memorize everything for these classes but if you take the time to understand the information and the "why", it helps.

Also, for some reason looking up the roots of words really helped me with micro! :)

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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for your suggestions. It really looks like consistently studying every day is the key, as well as studying efficiently to not overload.

I just started an Anatomy class so I am trying to incorporate some of these tips. I have been working ahead to take notes on the chapters we will cover and then I periodically go back and read over my previous notes (in anticipation for the unit exam comprising of multiple chapters). I suppose I am just trying to sort of gain that feel for "knowing" when I have studied something enough to understand it, you know? I'm pretty sure there is no clear-cut answer to this, but does anyone have any tips for this confidence? I never feel like I have studied enough! :nailbiting: