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Famu Nursing spring 2015


is anybody planning to apply for spring 2015 for famu nursing?

Yes I am planning to apply

What exactly do we have to get done, a bio class is required? And is am essay mandatory?

There is alot that is required, You should check Famu's website and it will tell you everything you need.

Ok, because the list is long.

I applied. Did anyone receive anything? I haven't heard a peep from FAMU since I paid the application fee.

I am currently already a student at Famu , I think we were talking about the Nursing program if I'm not mistaken

Yes it is and everything must be completed.

I just got my doctor to do my health history so everything else to go smh. Deadlines fast approaching

@cyn_kawaii yeah i applied to the actual university in august but haven't heard anything from the school but will be sending in my nursing application next week. Im a little anxious but pretty excited about the whole process. Have you guys applied to any other schools or is FAMU it?

Hello! Future nursing students, My name is Rachelle. I have finally completed my FAMU nursing packet. I am a transfer student as well as a current license practical nurse student @ fscj. Any adds? what are your concerns? anyone looking for shared housing? not as many feedback this rotation lol whats up ;-)


My name is Rachelle I also applied to FAMU in Aug as a transfer student. Actually, they sent me a letter with my student i.d etc short time after. Have you received your letter? be sure to call to ensure you have every document needed for a smooth app process. What are your housing arrangements?

I have only applied to FAMU BTW

From my stand point if you have an A.A degree BIO is not required neither is AMH...

Hey Rachelle! My name is Jade

I never recieved an actual letter but I did call and they gave me my student ID and said I did go through the initial school application process correctly. Im a transfer student too and I think the thing I'm most worried about is housing also. Seems like it'll be such a quick turn around time when/if we do get admitted. Have anyone heard of any good places to live?

Also if you don't mind me asking, what was your guys GPAs? I'm at a 3.6 now

Hi, my GPA 3.2. Your GPA is awesome. I have heard The Boulevard is a pretty descent place to camp out. In fact, it was recently remodeled. Where do you currently live? I am saving for housing now. Plus $700 is due upon going to orientation. I am getting prepared for fast notices.

3.2 is great also! I just looked up the Boulevard and it does look really nice! Probably a bit early but do you have any prospective roommates in mind already? Right now I live in Melbourne, gunna be graduating from EFSC with my AA this semester. Also, how long was your essay? Mine was like 750 words though I wanted to keep it a little shorter than that