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Is there anyone applying for the FNP program at University of Miami for Fall 2019?

Hello, Yes I am! I am still in the process. I do have a few questions. How can we communicate since I cant PM you. Thank you!

I saw your post on different thread. I sent you an email. :)

I'm applying! :) , have you guys sent in your applications? I'm still waiting on a few recc letters and finalizing my personal statement

Hi deeRN2019

Yes I am in process. I need one more letter and to finish statement of purpose. :) I'm nervous and excited. Do you live in Miami?

Hello! I applied as well. Maybe we can help each other out. If you can shoot me an email. I got a few questions. I went to see an advisor last week as well. [email protected]

I currently live in central FL but I will probably end up staying at my mom's in Ft. Laud area and just commute down to Miami. Do you live in Miami M8cysmom?

Also, LMartinez305 did the advisor tell you how many classes per week and times?

I hope we all get in !!

I live in Phoenix, AZ. I will be moving to Miami for the program. That is nice that you live in FL. I pray we all get in. I am going to try and call advisor today. I have many questions.

M8cysmom could you post your questions and advisor's answers here? I'm super stressed about getting the application over and done with..

Yes I will. I'm at work so I will call when I get a chance.

Hi! Does anyone know if there is an acute no problem Fall 2019 thread? I couldn't find one. How did you guys decide which track? I hear it's harder to get clinical hours done in the FMP track? Oh are you guys applying to the FT or PT program?

I'm applying for FT. Did someone that went through the program tell you that getting hours was difficult?

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