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Hello all!

I am going to be applying for this program very soon and just wanted to see if anyone out there is also applying and how the stats are for this application cycle. I am earning my Bachelors in Science but wanting to go back and get my second degree in nursing. I am also applying to the Valencia/UCF Concurrent program as well.

Overall GPA: 3.57

Program GPA: 3.53

TEAS: 81.3%

Hi! I just applied to Seminole State today! Although for the traditional track. I do believe concurrent & traditional track students will be in the same classes taken at Seminole. (85% concurrent students 15% traditional). I also applied at Valencia but I think their program is a little different!

My overall GPA is 3.24

Program GPA - 3.61

Teas - 84.7

Have you applied yet?!

That's awesome! I applied and turned in my application as well for the Concurrent Track. I also did the Valencia one! It was so weird that you could only pay for the Valencia application in person or by mail. Well I guess now it's the waiting game! Good luck to you!

Hey guys!

I just finished applying to both Seminole State and Valencia's concurrent track, Seminole State is my first choice though. This will be my second bachelors too for me, really wish I would've just chose nursing the first time around lol. Anyways good luck to you two and whoever else is applying! I'm sure the waiting will be the hardest part for us.

Overall GPA: 3.69

Program GPA: 3.77

Science GPA: 4.0

Teas: 86.7%

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So the application period is officially closed. I wonder how many people applied. The wait begins!

Which program did you apply for?! Did you also apply at Valencia? This is going to be the longest couple of weeks! I was Number 34 at Oviedo when I applied Tuesday

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Tell me about it! I applied for Generic but am also interested in the part time option. I didnt apply to Valencia but I'm considering moving to south Florida so i applied to Broward College down there.

I was number 115 at altamonte at the end of the day Wednesday.

Holy crap. Do you know how many seats there are? Now I'm not sure I stand a chance!

I think that there are like 70 or so seats! But knowing that there were already 115 applications by Wednesday kind of scares me! I can only imagine how many students turned in their applications on the very last day today. Good luck to you all!

Does anyone know if there is a way to check the status of our applications online, for seminole state? I know its not even been a week, I don't know how my sanity will make it through the entire waiting process lol!

I'm sure you can probably call them and ask but I don't think there's a way to check it online. I believe that they will send an email out to all the applicants at some point.

Is anyone's application status on UCF still pending? Also did anyone else apply to UNF program? I applied to a whole bunch of schools and got an invitation to interview there for Fall 2018!

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