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2020 FALL QCC(queensborough) program


I'll applied to the A.A.S nursing program at QCC for the fall day program.

I'm sure everyone who is applying knows the PAX exam is not required due to covid-19..

This was a huge blow to me because I am a good test taker and I taught highschool reading and math for a few years now(SAT/ACT). However, I do have a 4.0 in all my nursing pre-reqs(including A&P2, Psych 220, and ENG 102). I will be taking micro this Summer.

To those of you applied or planning on it, what are your stats?

To those who backed out of applying bc of covid, what are your plans moving forward?

I also want to use this thread to discuss any questions regarding the program and the whole application process for others.

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have you received an interview?

No I have not heard anything yet. Application deadline is still may 18th from what I know. Have you?

A friend did. I was wondering if maybe you heard what the interview is like

Do you know what his/her stats were? And did you apply already or will you be applying in the future?

I applied. No I do know her stats..

Thanks for the reply. On a side note, do you know if she applied for the day or the night program. I applied for the day.

The day program.
Are you a qcc student?

Yes I am a current student. I wouldn't worry too much though. It's only interview dates and the deadline has not even passed yet.

Yes, you’re right. I will check back soon. 🙂

I have applied for Fall 2020 evening program. I already had a group interview. Does anyone know when they will be making decisions?

Hi! I heard by June! Can you tell me how the interview went? What questions? How did it work virtual? Thank you!!