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hey everyone...i have a little dilemma that i could use your advice or anyone in a similar situation, what has helped you??? i will start off by saying i just graduated a vn program and am about to start my first job in the next 2 weeks. i have a slight problem with blood :imbar i don't mind starting iv's or even seeing surgery done. any blood that comes intentionally is ok.....it's the trauma and wound dressing stuff that makes me feel nausiated and feel like i will pass out. i have always had this problem and my husband and mom make fun of me for being a nurse who doesn't like the sight of blood. it started when i was in pre-school, there was a boy who was rocking back and forth on his chair and fell back and hit his head on the table behind us and bled all over the place and i fainted. i guess it was so traumatic in my childhood it just stayed with me. does anyone else have this problem??? if so...hwo do you overcome it? or does it just go away with time?

It just gets better with time. I work in trauma, and I still get a little whoozy at some of the things I see.


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yea, you will get accusotomed to seeing blood, you may still get woozy but there are people who hate to suction a trach or do oral care or who do not want anything to do with eye drops cause it freaks em out........the eyeball I mean. If it is the smells of a decub I totally understand............you will overcome and be great, don't be hard on yourself this is a process not an event.......................

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