FALL 2018 Los Angeles Pierce College

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Haven't seen a forum for the upcoming semester yet and was hoping to see if anyone else has applied?

I did! My 2nd time applying. I'm hoping & praying the stars align right for me this semester & I get a spot that's not an alternative lol GOOD LUCK :D

This is also my second time applying I'm so nervous. Did you guys apply anywhere else?

Hello I have as well. Has anyone gotten an email about application status?

I emailed Karla at the beginning of the month and she said they would be notifying students end of April or beginning of May so could be anytime now but I assume not till next week or the week after.

Oh my goodness thats so close! I wasn't expecting a reply until about mid May or June!

This cycle I only applied to Pierce. Wbu?

this cycle I applied to Pierce, Valley, and LA City so fingers crossed!

emails were sent out today

number 77 for me yet again

Hey guys, by some miracle and by the grace of God, I got accepted. I have so many questions...who else is in?

That's awesome congratulations!

Congrats! :) what are your stats?

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