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Fall '17 Hopefuls LSON or UTHSC


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Hey everyone!

Who is applying for the Fall 2017 accelerated program at either LSON or UTHSC? I skimmed through the post titles, but I didn't see one for Fall '17. I'm working on completing my prereqs now. I will finish A&P 1 after my final exam next week (eep!). The lab exam is already complete. It looks like I should get A's in both (fingers crossed). I'm taking A&P 2 and Micro in the Spring and Statistics in the summer. My overall GPA looks pretty good. I applied earlier this week to both schools. I would really love to get into LSON because I got my first degree from UM, but UTHSC would be cool too.

Anyways, I wanted to start this thread so we could chat. I'm excited but also very nervous. My main concern is that I might not be accepted because I still have a few prereqs to take in the spring and summer.

Hey there! Was just looking for a thread about the accelerated program at Memphis. I just applied for Fall 2017 as well. My overall GPA is pretty good sitting right at about 3.47 and I have Micro as well as Stats to take at Southwest this spring. My first degree was in EXSS and I worked as an athletic trainer for a while after graduation so I was able to put that on my application. I've heard time and time again that the cutoff it right at 3.0-3.2 GPA and if you're over that you should be okay but it again all depends on the number of applicants. I know there are 150 seats for FALL 2017. So, I am very nervous..I think my GPA, Background and science scores should make me a good applicant but Its hard to tell. Just staying hopeful!! How about you?!

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My GPA is currently 3.14. I just finished A&P 1 and lab. I made A's in both so once they post officially, my GPA should be boosted a bit. I am taking A&P II at Memphis and Micro at Southwest in the spring. I will need to take Statistics in the summer. I'm going to try to do that at UM.

My first degree was in Spanish, so I don't have a science background, but hopefully having a language background will make me a good candidate. What section are you taking for Micro at Southwest? Maybe we'll be in the same class? I'm doing the evening class at the Union campus.

Super nervous. I really want to get in this semester and get started.

I'll be taking a morning class at Union. Professor Lawson I believe. I've heard shes the best and easiest so that'll be nice. And your second language could always make you look like a good candidate! Have you heard anything about the actual program or what it is like? Know anybody that has been through it? I'm just curious as to how crazy it actually is.

Hey! I'm applying to UT for Fall '17 also. I planned on applying at LCON for Fall '17, also, but my advisor told me I couldn't apply if I didn't have at least 2 prerequisite science courses already completed by the time I applied there. I have A&P 1 and the lab done, but have to take A&P 2 and Micro in the spring. How did you apply if you still have to take A&P 2 and Micro? Is the LCON accelerated program different about courses in progress than the regular program?

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I haven't heard too much about the program at LCON. When I was at UM the first time, I had a friend that failed out of the nursing school :/ but we were younger and arguably less hard working. I think that our experience with our first degrees will give us an advantage going forward. Also, the program may have evolved since then so it's hard to know.

For UTHSC's Nursing program, I know a bit. I work in the IT department so I have the chance to see the student each day. At the beginning of the semester and up until right past the first exam, all of them seem pretty stressed. After the first exam, most students seem to settle into a rhythm. So hopefully the program isn't too terrible.

My wonder is HOW crazy is the accelerated program? At either campus..I know nursing school to begin with is very difficult but adding a class to each semester and then doing a summer session is it impossible? Do yall know anyone that has gone through an accelerated program?

ALSO, A strong factor to consider in this for me is the fact that I want to go on to professional schooling-Either CRNA or NP. Would maintaining good grades, mostly A's that are required even be remotely possible with the shorter amount of time that we would have as accelerated students.

Just so many questions lol.

I may toss up a coin on deciding which program to go with at this point!

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My advisor at UM told me I could apply but I might not get in if someone else with my similar qualifications also applied but already had all of their sciences complete. But I still thought it was better to try. You should apply too.

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One of my friend just told me that one of her buddies failed out of the accelerated program recently :-( I'm worried, but I would really rather do the accelerated program than do another 4 year program. I also want to go a step further after my BSN, but I haven't completely decided. I was thinking an MSN in nursing informatics because I currently work in IT and enjoy it. But I also was thinking NP.

Anyways, I think that the accelerated program is doable it's just going to be extremely tough.

Agreed, doable but very tough. And its not really a 4 year program if you have all of your Gen ed's out of the way its just the nursing classes that will take 2-2.5 years to complete. I am leaning more towards the traditional program and taking a summer to do some classes in order to possibly finish in 2 years flat and knock off a semester. Meaning it would only be 6 months behind the accelerated program...just not so much of the stress added AND a better opportunity to make better grades for NP school.

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That doesn't sound too bad then. I'll have to think on it a bit. It would be nice to have the reduced stress.

Trust me I've done a lot of thinking as well. After going to school for 4 years and getting one degree 2-2.5 years doesn't sound all that appealing but I really truly do think it may be the least stressful route. I would hate to go accelerated and then fail out or not make good enough grades for things I want to explore later in the future.

I dunno, just my thought.

Hey everyone! I also applied for the fall 17 for Memphis. I applied for spring but didn't get accepted. Now I have a 3.33 and I have finished all of my pre reqs instead of 1 history class that I'm completing in the spring. I have 2 As in micro and a&p 2 and a B in a&p 1. So hopefully I get accepted this time around cause I really don't want to sit out again.

I too am applying for the Fall 17 but as a traditional student. But I heard that you take classes with both accelerated and traditional students.