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2017 Fall Chattahoochee Tech Nursing Program

Hello! I am a 2017 fall nursing program hopeful. I did not see a forum started or this semester and was hoping to start one . Here we can ask each other questions and encourage one another along the way.

Hi I'm applying to Chat Tech for Fall 2017. I am confused about the point accumulation system. Is there someone who might be able to help me? I'm interested to learn scores of other applicants as well. Thanks!

Are straight A's required to get admitted to Chat Tech's nursing program?

No, but the higher the better! Also the TEAS(up to 100 points) test plays a factor. It's only 310 points available with 50 to each A in A&P & micro , 25 for B, 13 for C... look on Chattahoochee Tech's website. I've applied, just waiting now


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I'm planning to apply if I do well on the Teas. It's a little late on deciding to attend. I will update later on stats once I take my test.

What was you last score lildee?

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I wish I was dismissed 12 years ago. I would have picked a better career. Sometimes an event like this is a gift.

I have been waiting for the right time to return to nursing school and missed the opportunity last year to make the application session. I made it in time this year and took the new ATI teas just in time. Well, I studied only a few hours before the teas. I know I could have done better with more time to study, but I passed. My total score now is 224 out of the max of 310. I'm not sure if that will get me in....time will tell. I have completed all of my courses for entry into the program.

I was very surprised by the national averages being so low on the teas?!! Where is everyone else on the total score for CTC RN program? What scores on the teas have you heard about for applicants to this program? Has anyone else heard of a total score average or need for the fall 2017?

At the application session I gathered this info if anyone is wondering:

They hope to admit 40-50 students. I think they said about 300 students attended the sessions in all. I attended the last one. Everyone who made the list will get a call and an CTC email about mid June.

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Personally, I'm only at 240! Just retook the TEAS and got a 94.7 which helped to boost my score. There aren't too many threads going as in the past few years where people are really conversing and encouraging. So, just from the threads from last year I've seen, the numbers ranged from 298-260, but not everyone was comfortable with posting their numbers up either. If 300 attended you have to factor in how many were just feeling it out, applying just to see what happens, may not have appropriate classes, may have tried to get everything in and couldn't, didn't get a 70% on TEAS, or are going to give up their seat for whatever reason! In any event, there's a chance for people who applied with C's & B's because there are so many variables. I really just don't want to repeat any classes. Shhhhesh������


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I appreciate the share. I'm not proud of my 72 on the teas. I scored the highest on math, but I took it just in time before the 12th and didn't study. I'm an A student though and made straight A's in a BSN program that I was in and only had 2 semesters left! I moved out of state for my spouse and changed careers to continue teaching and finished a Masters in Education. Im kicking myself now because this state is all out nepotism and it's impossible to get a full time in my specialty area of teaching. Which brings me to returning to finish this nursing where I know there will be a demand! If I don't get in here I'm moving back to continue at the university I was at. I left on good terms... it will just be a hardship on my family... the sacrifice will be worth it. I do wished that I had planned ahead to study and at least have an opportunity to take again I'm certain I would at least make a high 80...

That stinks that nobody is seeking out forums or sharing. I think it's encouraging and helps pass the time as we anticipate an answer. The scores are what they are. It sounds like you have a great chance. What courses are you worried about transferring? If you look on banner (if you have not already) it will show what transferred in.

Yeah, I realize there are a lot of factors and I'm counting on hoping even to make the last of the cut. Well let's keep the forum going maybe it will grow.

I'm actually a student there so what's there pretty much is what it is. I have a C in A&P 1 7 years ago when I first started school, it was sooooo hard back then :) But, if you need any help summerdays0810@gmail.com is my email I can help you out on your TEAS. I'm also on Wyzant tutoring site. I also applied to West GA Tech, that thread is almost dead too. But, I think I have a better chance over there because it's 60% TEAS and 40% grades.

I know the struggle oh too well, I'm a LPN who is parttime with a WHOLE family and crazy bills. I know I have to get into a program this year because we are struggling. Atlanta is a very expensive city to live in and be comfortable. They make it so hard to get into these programs!!

girl, I know the struggle.Atlanta is very expensive.I work as a tech at Emory and go to CTC for Nursing.But my A&P grade is not that grde.so I am applying for West georgia tech and georgia perimeter college.I took my teas 2 weeks ago and I got 75,but the competitive score is 80 to get a seat.uhh.so I have one last chance for the teas before the deadline next month.so if you dont mind me asking which materials yall study for the exam?

Hey everyone! My name is Alexis, and I'm currently in CTC's nursing program. So glad you found your way to the forums and I would love to help as much as I can! Here is a link to the points page for anyone who needs to know how many points they have http://www.chattahoocheetech.edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/AssociateofScienceinNursingAdmissionPointsFall2017.pdf

I had 296 points and was accepted. Our acceptance letters came around June 25th and it was the longest wait ever!

Around the middle of June, rejection letters went out. But don't be discouraged just yet if you get one. Seats may become available later when people start having to pick a program or cannot accept their seat. There is a girl in our current class who had 241 points and received a rejection letter at first and then was accepted later when seats opened up, so there is hope!

If you have any questions, feel free to post and I will do my best to answer as soon as I can!

Hi everyone! I also applied to the Fall ASN Program and waiting to hear back! I am feeling a little discouraged because I only have 208.3 points for admissions. After taking the TEAS multiple times, my highest score was a 73.3%. I made all A's and B's in everything else. I am praying that I have enough admissions points to get into the program but it isn't looking too great for me.

Hey everyone! I applied as well and I'm extremely nervous. I'm sitting at 266 points and judging from the previous forum I'm feeling hopeful. I pray I get in!!

Hello everyone! My name is LC. I am in school with lexi currently! If you have any questions let me know!

Hi. I applied to the ASN program as well. I took a CLEP test for sociology and they're going back and forth over whether they're gonna give me what I made on the CLEP (93) or C points. Which makes no sense to me. Not they're saying I should get C points for completing the CLEP test and not taking the class! :( all my other grades are all As and a 89.9 on TEAS. if they give me an A on the CLEP class then I'm at 249. Without it I am at 234. I haven't had the opportunity to take micro yet. So that's counting against me. I got into another program but my husband and I had to move for his job. I'm a total wreck!


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Just stay positive. Like they say there are a lot of factors!!! Just don't give up.

Hi! Can you share a list of books we need? I have a friend who is selling her used nursing books and I'm trying to decide if they're the right ones to buy!


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Any day now we should be receiving some news.... good or bad. Anyone have anything to share or any updates?


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