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Fall 2016 admissions to ARC/SCC RN program

februalis februalis (New) New

Hey people! I applied to the ARC and SCC college RN program. Has any one heard back yet? My ARC application changed to a qualified application.

Hello! Congrats on the qualification!

I applied to both, and received the "qualified" status change from ARC today. I still haven't heard anything from SCC though. :eek:

Hello back :up: Yes, I haven't heard from SCC either. I have a feeling that we should know by the end of this month ( I hope). Keep me updated anyways! Is this your first year applying to both? Did you applied to Sierra?

I got accepted into the nursing program at SCC! I got the email yesterday Friday 15th at 5pm

Does anyone know if scc or arc send out acceptance letters at the same time? I got my application qualified from arc weeks ago but I haven't heard from either school yet. I see people got accepted to sac city yesterday and it makes me so nervous. This is my first time applying.

Hi rstorm! So from other comments from this website from the past I have been reading, it looks like they do send the acceptance at the same time. I could be wrong. I think we should be hearing from ARC this week (for the people who are accepted). Keep your fingers crossed! Did you apply to Sierra College as well?

That is so awesome!! Congrats! You so lucky! Was this your first time applying? Did you get in for Fall 2016 or Spring 2017?

this is my 3 rd time applying. But SCC said that I'm missing one of the classes ( sociology2) so definitely not get in at SCC, but still waiting for Sierra and Arc.

Februalis, I didn't apply to Sierra but I wish I did. I just applied to arc and scc. I'm really hoping I don't have to wait a million semesters before I get into a program.

Hey FutureNurse891! Yea first time applying. I do consider it luck. I would advice you to do Sociology this summer and apply to ARC on Octuber 2016. It looks like I will be starting for Fall 2016. I wish you luck for Sierra and ARC. Hang in there! Keep us posted!

CONGRATS! So did I! First time applying to SCC, so I feel pretty lucky.

Not selected this time for SCC. still waiting on ARC.

same here:down: NO for SCC..

Hi guys! I'm new here...

Did anyone get into SCC for spring '17?

And has has anyone heard from ARC as of yet?

A friend of my got into SCC for spring 2017

Got a rejection letter for SCC, still waiting for ARC and Sierra.

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Hi guys! I'm new here...

Did anyone get into SCC for spring '17?

And has has anyone heard from ARC as of yet?

I got into SCC for Spring 2017.

Yay! Me too!

Awesome! I look forward to meeting you!

Has anyone heard anything from ARC? Please keep us updated ( for those who have not heard anything yet)

:no: no , not yet.... Hopefully we will get letters from ARC today/ this week.

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