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Failing mean this isn't for me?


I failed this semester by less than 5% and like anyone else would, I'm feeling devastated. I tried so hard and just don't understand what I did wrong. If I failed this semester does that mean I'm not cutout for this? Does that mean I'm not smart enough for nursing? I'm only in my second semester and it only gets harder from what I've heard. I don't envision myself doing anything else. There is no Plan B but I feel dumb and inadequate compared to my classmates who passed. I apologize if I'm coming off as whiny but I've always felt as if I wasn't smart enough to attend college and now I'm wondering if I'm smart enough for nursing. I'm registering again for next semester but if I failed once does that mean I'll just fail again? I mean, it doesn't get any easier...

5% is a lot. You need to take a long look at yourself and find out what the problem is. Is it the material that youre struggling with? Are you not devoting enough time to studying? What are your study habits now? Speak to your classmates and find out how they are preparing for the exams. And do practice questions!!

I agree. 5% is a huge amount to fail by. Something went super wrong. We don't know enough about you to know what went wrong or if you have what it takes to keep going.

I think you should figure out what went wrong, make big changes, and then retake the classes you failed.

Yes 5% is a lot but that doesnt mean that you should give up all hope on the nursing thing. I failed out f my program but less than 1pt. But, i didn't give up hope. I changed my major and was kicked out of my program and after that I'm still working towards nursing. Yes it is hard yes it is something that is not for everyone; but it is also your first semester. Give yourself a chance you have a lot adjustments to make. See where you failed figure it out an work on improving yourself. I'm currently waiting to hear back from ABSN schools. I didn't give up because I failed I keep pushing forward. You should do the same if this is really what you want to do. If you are doing nursing just to do it then maybe it really isn't for you. Take a good look at your short comings and what you really want to do with your life and your career. But dont give up because you dont think you are smart enough. Dont just complain do something to change the outcome; or find a new path to get to your goal. I hope this helps you.