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Hello everyone,

I have a problem. I'm failing my Intro to Ethics class. I really screwed up on this one... Being so late in the semester, there really is no way to recover. Had this been a previous semester, I would've thought, "This sucks. I'll have just try again next semester". The problem is that I don't have enough credits left to go full time, so my Pell grant and scholarship won't cover me and I can't afford tuition without them. My plan was to switch to a community college to save money.

My question is, if I re-take Intro to Ethics at the community college, will my new grade replace the failing grade at the university? I'm pretty sure I've heard that they both will stay on my transcript. If that's the case, when I apply to nursing school, will they look at the higher grade or both? Should I re-take the class at the university or community college?

What would you do in my situation? I'm so lost and disappointed in myself...


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Whether or not a grade is replaced depends on the college... I would talk to someone there and see what thier policy is.

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I would talk to someone from your university's registrar office. My guess is that even if they let you transfer the course from community college, they might not replace it for GPA calculation. If that's the case, I would rather retake the course at the university in order to get a higher GPA. If they do let you transfer the class from the community college and use it for GPA calculation, then take the class at the community college.

All courses will stay on your transcripts. The nursing schools probably will consider your second attempt. Good luck.


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^^^ I agree. At our local community college and universities, in order to "replace" a previous attempt, you must retake it at the same school in which you took it the first time, if not then both grades are calculated into your gpa.


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Thanks everyone. You guys are right. I suppose the $1000 for the class is worth it for my GPA. I have to do what I have to do. Ill talk to my university and see what their rules are but as of now my plan is to stick it out at the university :/