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Failing chemistry


I already have my bachelor's degree in psych and was planning on attending an accelerated BSN program (16mo) in the fall. This is the only post-bac BSN program within an hour of me and I can't relocate. They require Chem I and II as prereqs. I've met all other requirements for admission. Right now I'm in Chem I and despite tutoring 3x week, online video tutorials and studying like a crazy person - I've gotten a 52% on the first test and a 62% on the second. I still have another test as well as a cumulative final to take. Given this is just Chem I - I have to get a C or better, to even take Chem II with the same grade requirement. Chem II would be a 6-week 4 credit course over the summer. So if by some miracle I get a C in Chem I, I'd still have to get a C in Chem II. I'm so overwhelmed. I'm 50 - going back to school. I don't have time or money to keep taking courses repeatedly until I get a better grade. I don't understand why this school requires this in-depth knowledge of chem when other nursing schools don't require it at all - but like I said - this is the only post-bac school around. I could go into an assoc. program which is 2 years - but then would need to get my bsn anyways. (so 2 years for an Assoc degree in nursing versus 16mo for a BSN). It's not logical to do it that way. So basically I've been in school since last fall taking A&P I, II and Micro - and may not achieve my goal of nursing school because of Chem. I've considered some other career that might consider all of the AP/Micro credits I have along with my degree, but nursing really seemed to be the perfect fit for me at this stage in my life. I'm looking for any guidance regarding options for students who potentially weren't able to get through the pre-reqs. By the way - I had a 4.0 until Chem...I ain't no dummy hahaha! HELP!!

I also struggled through chemistry and barely passed with a C

Go to You Tube and search for Mark Rosengarten. His videos got me through as my teacher was not much help.

I had to drop Chem I for now - my best efforts were still yielding me F's and D's - I had to drop now so I could still get a WP. Really bums me out - I worked so hard on everything else - had a 4.0 until Chem came along. Now I can't attend MCPHS in the fall - they require Chem I and II. I'm too old to be taking classes over an over again - just want out of school and into the workforce :(

Chemistry was also hard to me as well. I had a tough professor and the concepts were difficult to understand. I also used youtube as one of my study buddies. I watched both Tyler DeWitt & "TheChemistrySolution" faithfully on YouTube! They're really helpful and helped me a lot to understand concepts and how to do certain problems. Also, is there anyway you can get a study buddy? Even if its just one person thats fine! You'll help each other. I did this and went to my professor's office hrs every week and got a B+


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I'm really surprised that the school requires a year of general chemistry; it really won't make much difference in your nursing studies. Just be happy you don't also have to take a year of organic chemistry! Anyways, as someone else said, getting together with classmates and talking problems through can make all the difference.