FAILED 3 times and was SUCCESS on 4th...heres how.


I am a current Nurse at Hartford Hospital on a tele med surg floor and I had my fair share of attempts at the NCLEX. Now, with me it was all about motivation and finding that within my self after i had grinded out my senior year. The thought of having to study more didn't appeal to me and i felt as if i could pass the exam with doing minimal studying. WRONG!

Dont get me wrong, I looked over general concepts that I needed a refresher on but the real demon to battle is knowing how to take this damn test. You have heard this many times and Im sure till you are blue in the face and want to pop but you need to expose yourelf to as many questions as you can. I personally tried all of the review course and didn't find them helpful at all. I had to tailor my learning style which was interactive into a successful road map to passing the NCLEX. I highly recommend linda silvestri review books and the NCLEX board game as well. It was fun and brought light to the concept of studying for me. It offered fantastic rationales and really made me ready for the exam. They are affordable in compairson to your 200$ review courses.

Please do not be discouraged during the NCLEX period of your career.. it is worth it and keep pushing yourself. you will get there and it will feel so good! If you enjoyed this follow me on twitter @theregmurse and on FB: The Registered Murse. Loading great content and will have website up and running in the near future. ~RM~

Here are some links to the products that I was talking about! P

NCLEX RNTERTAINMENT: RNtertainment: The NCLEX® Examination Review Game, 2e: 978