Failed my third exam in Block 1 (semsester one)

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Hi all,

I'm brand new to this site, so I'm not quite sure if this is the correct area for this...

I'm not aware of how nursing school grading scales vary throughout the country, but atleast in AZ, its a 100-92 (A), 91-84 (B), 83-76 ©, and anything below a 76 is an F. Anywho, I'm in my first semester/block one and just took my third exam...I failed it and it crushed me. Still hurts pretty dang badly even the next day. Now I'm riding the failing line (current grade is a 76.5). So what I'm wondering is if any other nursing student/nurse out there has been in this situation and how you overcame the terrible gut feeling?

I started practicing more NCLEX questions to which I'm not fully seeing how they benefit the long run. But more-so, I'm petrified that I won't pass block one or even the program now.


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Concentrate on what is in front of you right now- that exam. Go to your instructor and ask for help. I find so many times that students fail to do this crucial thing- ask the CORRECT PERSON. Be prepared to tell them how, how much and what you studied in preparation for the exam so they can recommend strategies to help you.

And I sincerely do not wish to pile on, but unless you are a nurse, per the AN TOS, you may not use 'nurse' in your screen name.

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What are your study habits? What may have worked in pre-reqs may not work in nursing school. How do you learn best? Reading, visual, outlines, etc.? The biggest challenge in Block 1 is often figuring out what study style works for you. For instance, I am a reader & take notes from my readings but many of my classmates rarely touch their books. Some just read PowerPoint, some make oulines, some flash cards, some make charts. So how do you learn best normally?

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