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I took the Hesi exam over a month ago. I am not going to lie, I really didn't study anything. I did good on the vocab, comprehesion, math etc, with my lowest score being an 88 and the rest being 90 or above. But that darn A&P.

I took A&P I and II in 2011. I guess I thought the questions were going to be a little more general and a lot less specific. Boy was I wrong. I have been studying notes on quizlet, hesi practice tests, as well as looking at my old notes from 2011.

My test is Monday and Im still kind of nervous about it. Not only do I have the HESI, but 5 other final exams to study for, my job, and a 5 year old running around and my brain is kind of everywhere right now. I have been focusing my studying on the heart and blood but I have kind of drawn a blank after that. Does anyone have a general idea of more areas I should focus on?

Thanks for any help!

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Take a look at an A&P text book and note the sections to get an idea of what to study. You can get a cram book of some kind to go over essential information. When I took the HESI a couple of years ago, it was right around my A&P final, so I didn't study. I found that the questions were very random and it was necessary to have a broad base of knowledge to do well.