Failed NCLEX 1st time, Devastation

What tips do you have for taking the NCLEX?

This is a letter I wrote to myself to encourage, empower and instill confidence, and to have faith worked. I took my boards on 9-15-16 and passed.


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What tips do you have for taking the NCLEX?

To myself in the future, 9/13/2016

Just a note to remind you that I know you're going pass this time you have been forgiven for your discrepancies, you have been humbled and you cannot always win and have a smooth road, you have always worked hard for everything you got and nursing school was hard but you made it easy. And this test is the one stopping you from being on the front lines to fight for souls and save lives. You have studied hard and you have learned so much that will help you in later situations and you are going to be fine. You have the almighty god that has your back, you have amazing family support, your daddy, your best patient has been there all along to support you, a mother that tells you she is gonna kick your butt if you fail your test all through school and yet you kept a 4.00 only to fail the NCLEX the first time. You failed her.

Your husband worked his *** off to provide a finances for the home and cook and clean for you and play with the kids while you studied, countless hours separated from the man you love and the amazing daughter who always has the time to tell you how proud she is of you and the son that always says nothing you do surprise me you are amazing mom. A brother that lifted me up so high and never knew how down I was when he said you did not let us down hell you have gone further than any of us ever have i'm damn proud of you. And for my bestie friend that has been there through thick and thin and when to hell and back with me and even failed right beside me, and you have amazing friends and a support group of friends that go on and on.

Everyone has been through this with you from the beginning and they are here for the end. The hardest thing you ever did was let people know you failed and that hurt like hell, devastation came when you realize you fail yourself. I wanted to vomit and i cried so hard it hurt like i was mourning, it floored me and my pride and how do you recover from that? You remember everyone: father and mother, husband, son, daughter, brother, bestie, all the time you gave to studies when you just wanted to wrestle with your grand babies, that is how you come out of it all and study harder and longer, you have the most amazing, supportive boss ever, you have 11 physicians and a huge cath lab team waiting for you to work with them and they are depending on you, do not let them down again even though they have all been encouraging you. Most of all you know what you are made of and failure does not stop you from a lifelong dream you have been saving lives and touching hearts for 24 years, now you can fight for the souls of patients, save their lives and be there to hold their hand, you worked for it, you deserve it, you have earned it, now go accept it.

You will be a registered nurse. You will fight to save lives of people, fighting to keep their heart pumping and you will not let yourself or anyone else down again over a test of nclex test.....


Top 10 NCLEX tips

  1. Read each question twice
  2. Do you know what the question is asking
  3. Identify which tree to use
  4. Evaluate each answer and the main topic of the answers
  5. What will happen if i pick this what is the outcome?
  6. Pick your answer and re-read the question with the answer does it make sense?
  7. Submit answer sit up, breath, and say stick to the tree
  8. Take breaks at the first sign of distractions
  9. Own this test. You paid rent to the chair of $300.00 for 6 hours thats $50.00 /hour for 75 questions. That is $4.00 a question.
  10. Remember to look forward to looking back on this moment in time. It will be a grand one!!!

love self

Barbi Watts R.N., 24 years a Registered Medical Assistant, 9 years cardiology with an amazing doctor and it pushed me to want to be in the Cath Lab to help my patients. This was my pain 2 days prior to NCLEX #2.

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Don't ever give up!!!! I failed the exam too but passed the second time.

God has a plan for you and believe in yourself!!!!


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Keep working hard and don't give up.