failed the NCLEX.. how do i retake?

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well' i just took the New York NCLEX-RN this FEB and unfortunately, i didn't passed.. just want to ask how do i apply for the retake? do i need to get a new ATT from new york, if so, how do i get it? because i can't find any reapplication form at the NYBON website... or do I just apply for an exam at pearsonvue?

your reply is much appreciated.. thanks in advance!

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when they sent you your exam result, with it is the application form for nclex retake with instructions. submit the application form.the board will determine your eligibility. they usually wait for the 45-90 days window period before they send you the autorization depending on which state you are. when you have received your eigibility letter from BON, you may use the old registration you had in pearsonvue, pay $200, and schedule for exam. hope this of luck to us.

thanks for the reply.. but the thing is.. when i got that dreadful letter.. hehe.. there wasn't any forms in it.. just letter that saying i didn't "ugh" passed.. well.. guess i have to contact the NY BON then.. anyway thanks!

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aye. i checked the site as well and didnt find the repeat reapply form. i am so sorry for not giving you the answers you need. but dont loose hope. there were nurses here who is either from new york or knows the NY nclex process that will help you with the process. best of luck to yah...

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