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Failed NCLEX with 265 quesions

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I don't understand how, most of the questions were things I've never seen before.

I studied hard as well. I had over 50 SATA, lot's of rhythm strips, a few drag and drops, one math question.

I wasn't the smartest nursing student in nursing school my overall GPA is 3.0. I would get mostly 2.0 in nursing school but I did manage to 2 4.0s out of the 10 classes we take and the 3.0 in the others. My prerequisites were always in the 3.0 or better. So I know I'm not a genius but I'm not dumb either.

I did the Kaplan course, read the Kaplan book, did all the Kaplan trainers and Qbank. I used NCLEX mastery app, Saunders Comprehensive review book, and I listened to Mark Ulimek lecture.

My Qbank was 51% average but my Qtrainers were 70% average.

My NCLEX mastery app was 73% average.

At this point I'm dumbfounded and confused on my next step.

I figured I'd contact Kaplan and ask if they will extend my contract with them and reset the questions so I can try again.

I'm looking over saunders and other resources on things that were on the NCLEX that I thought were unfamiliar to me or I was weak on.

I resetted my NCLEX app and going to use that again as a on-the-go resource.

And I already purchased a prioritization, delegation, management book.

Im thinking about purchasing Uworld since some of my other classmates used it.

It's disheartening everyone in my class used Kaplan and passed with only 75 questions.

Some of the questions were easy but most I had no idea what they were referring to. I'm asking what I should do next or is it even worth it to do Kaplan again. I already purchased my test for next time now I'm waiting for my ATT.

Thanks for any and all input and advice.

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I'm so sorry, I can imagine you're pretty gutted right now.

Take a little bit of time to get yourself emotionally back on the horse, and then re-attack it.

I a BIG proponent of Uworld. It's the only thing I studied before I took NCLEX. It's a great program. I would give that a shot this time around. Make sure to really dig into rationals, and eventually you'll see patterns with how they ask questions and what symptoms they use.

Good luck!

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I am also a huge advocate for Uworld! I did 50-100 Q's a day for 2 weeks and passed Nclex yesterday. I used Uworld exclusively and had about 900/1900 left in my q bank (there were simply too many). If you think you have the core content down, then I strongly recommend that you do Uworld and get more practice solving questions!

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