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Failed NClex PN 1st time...built up the courage to re-take it

by tabraturner tabraturner (New) New

Hi! I took my PN boards in August 2014. I had all 205 questions and failed. I was devastated! After 3 long months of getting myself and my nerves together...I want to go back and retake it. Does anyone know any good prep books...I am using HURST remediation but I would like to have some more challenging practice questions. Can anyone help me out...it would be gladly appreciated!


First of all, have faith in yourself, you can do this. NCLEX is a matter of putting in the hours to study. With this said, hurst review is excellent for content. Each section is taught in a way that the student can remember the subject matter. If you can, I would suggest also doing Kaplan. The questions on kaplan are much harder than hurst and so I personally felt best prepared by doing both.

When do you take your exam?

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