Failed nclex ! Need help !


Hello , my name is Crina and I am a foreign student from Romania! I validate my RN diploma from Romania so I did not have to go to school here (which I think is one of my disadvantage !) but I do need to pass the Enclex in order to get a license in US! It's been a long road so far , I stared studying by my self 5 years ago and each year I learn more and more. I took some online and in class curses which help to an extend but apparently not enough since I did not pass the Enclex yet:( I don't anybody around me that is study for Enclex or any group but I would love to be a part off to study together ! I took my exam 5 times and I don't know how much I can take it because I just fell stuck! I need some new ideas please!!!! Thanks so much !!!