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Failed HESI twice!


I can't believe this happened! I felt more confident and less anxious the second time around, and actually did worse! We need a 900 to pass at our school and I made a 876 and 849. I feel like such a doofus now and now my life is on hold since I can't progress to my last semester of nursing school until I pass this stupid test. To do so well on the Med-Surg and do so bad on the Exit makes me so mad. I don't know what I can do to do better.

Well rest assured. I failed my exit hesi 4 times. lol! I only had one more time to take it. I studied the saunders comprehensive nclex book. I did questions like crazy. I read the rationales and the strategies. I did this for one month and passed my hesi. You can do it. Just stay focused and do lots of questions.

Oh my! That had to have really been bad.

I did 790 questions during Christmas break to prepare for my retake, but apparently it did not help since I did worse. This time i plan on using my Saunder's book. I have it, but never really had the time to fully look at it. I heard the HESI NCLEX review is waste of money, so I rather not buy that. maybe one of those Kaplan books? Has to beat the cost of the actual Kaplan classes.

I have until Mid-May (long time) to study for the retake. I MUST be ready!


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I know this is kinda late, but remember that the Elsevier site contains your HESI test results, an exam review and a specialty review section that highlights the areas you were weak in and actually give you resource review material on those areas.

Maybe getting an idea of those questions that you missed and the weaker topics you have will help you evaluate your learning style and help you ace this test!

When do you take it again? Add me as a friend. I think I can help.