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Hello All!

Background information:

I have a history of migraines and I take a medication called esgic for them when I get one which is about once or twice a month. No big deal, I dont take medications very often, but for the occasional cold and for my migraines.

Well, I interviewed for a prospective employer for a RN position on June 12th. I had 48 hours not including the weekend to do a drug test. I did that on the next Monday, the 15th.

I was notified on the 17th to call the drug screen agency about my test. Showed that there was something found relating to Esgic. I was asked to give my prescription information and they said if verified they would pass the exam.

I got a message on my answering machine of all places, from the Human Resources person who did my interview. Stated on my answering machine that I had "failed the drug exam requirements" and that I needed to "call as soon as possible or else we cannot hire you."

Problem is, is that I was out of town and my neighbor who was in to feed my cat heard the message and called me about it!!! She and I both were horrified!!

I called the drug screen agency and it turns out that they did get my prescribing information and passed me, but didnt quite finish it as "passed" in the computer. Even after two weeks of my taking the test! (but they had been busy, so they said)

I was never worried about the drug test, as I knew that I had taken my headache med (as prescribed), and they would probably ask for me to speak to a representative about it.

My issue is this:

I am now turned off by working at this hospital, as the Human Resourse person who contacted me left me this awful message, and my neighbor heard it (of all people!).

The day that I gave my paperwork (the Monday after my interview) he (the HR person) did not even know who I was, he said "can I help you?" and didn't remember why I was even there to begin with, when he asked me to come in and bring the paperwork himself! This is a 200 bed hospital, and it is not that big.

I cannot believe that they were able to leave such a personal message on my answering machine!!!

Couldnt he have just said "we need to speak to you, please call back?"

Should I say something to this person? Should I rethink working there?

Is this illegal?

Thanks in advance!


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Not that I have any real advice for you, just a question. When you went in to do the drug test did they ask you if you had taken anything in past 30 days? They should have, even if it's over the counter. Also, they should've just left a message for you to call back ASAP. Leaving the full message for anyone to hear was just unprofessional :down:

As far as working at that place, I can't really tell you what to do, but I would be a little worried about being labeled before I even started. Ultimately, it has to be your decision. I do wish you the best of luck & am so sorry someone did follow protocol for proper drug testing.

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I wouldn't base the whole hospital on one person though either... You won't be working directly with HR. Who knows? The floor nurses might be fantastic. As far as being "labeled," if others hear of that information other than the needed parties, I suppose that HR staff will be looking for a new job..

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Unfortunately it seems a lot of HRs can't get things together to run smoothly. For example, I called an HR of a big hospital that I was interested in working at, and out of 5 times calling, they picked up only once, and they never returned my message which was requesting basic info about a job which would have taken them 2 minutes to relay to me. The majority of HRs can't seem to even respond to let you know the status of your application.

So, just do what you can, and try not to let the HR department sour you on the hospital.

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