Failed the AANP what?! need help.


I took the AANP again today and failed. That's twice in the same year!! I hate this damn test I felt much better prepared for it this time and yet I still failed. I'm applying for the ANCC. Just more money ****** down the drain. I need advice from anyone please for the ANCC exam. I've heard there are pictures, and it's not so much clinical based. I've read that I need to know laws - what laws do I need to know? and what's my best test preparation? Thanks in advance. I'm super bummed and can't believe it.


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Somebody just posted a huge resource all about studying for the ANCC today. It's at the top of the threads as of this moment. When I took it, even though there were some policy/theory questions, I still had a good bit of clinical questions too.


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Have you taken a review course? Here is how I prepared for ANCC:

November: took live Fitzgerald review course. Rest of November and December = graduation, etc.

ALL of January, 5 days a week = wake up, coffee, etc. Do one chapter in Fitzgerald, a chapter in Leik, make flashcards, review patho,pharm, etc. for that subject. Review another chapter in Fitz. STOP (after 4-6 hours). Next day: review the flashcards only from the day before (x 1 hour) and then start a new Fitz chapter and the corresponding Leik chapter. Make flashcards, review pharm and patho.

Rinse and repeat. Five days a week. I had just had major surgery and wasn't working and my kid was in school so I totally had the time.

Are you putting in that kind of time ?


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Yes on my days off. I work 12 hour shifts at the hospital and have a toddler at home. Was studying about 5-6 hours a day - 4 days a week. I took the Fitzgerald class and have the Leik book and have tons of flashcards. I just don't know what I keep doing wrong..

is there a way to link that ANCC? I couldn't find it.

Others have told me to purchase the cd's which is like $300. Cant afford that at the moment.

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How do you do on the practice exams? Is there a certain type of question you seem to get wrong? Are you reading the questions too fast and missing key information? Have you tried doing the underlining thing, so you are underlining the important information in the question and ignoring the distractors? If you've studied that much and feel like you know the content, then it's more likely a test taking issue, imo. Studying how to take the test is as important as studying the content!