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I was under the impression that only felonies effect your license. I noticed a caption under a possible school that I might attend that if you have any misdemeanors, or felonies don't take nursing. Because it will effect you at the license level. So don't waste your time. Is that true, does having a few misdemenors on your record negate your ability??? Has anyone ran into a problem with this got around it or wasn't even an issue. thanks !!


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I went to school with some girls that were applying for licensure in Nebraska that had MIP's :beer: in the past and they had to write a letter to the state (I guess to explain their situation and that they were responsible enough now to be nurses)


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Best thing to do is contact your BON before you enroll, and check with them. Usually, it depends on how long ago the infractions happened and what they were for. Drug/alcohol and violence related issues seem to be iffy. Just don't EVER lie to your school or the BON about anything - then it won't matter what the misdemeanors were, they won't give you a license. Good luck. There are other threads about this subject, you may find some more information there.


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Ditto pricklypear.

I would definitely check with your state's BON and explain your situation. As I don't know ALL your particulars and the BON would be the people to ask, that's where I would go if I were you. Maybe all is not lost. Be honest and upfront. Maybe if you explain steps you have taken to correct your problems they may be more understanding. I really don't know. But check with your state's BON.

Best of luck to you.

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