Exposed to Covid and no isolation?

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I'm an outpatient hemodialysis nurse and we just had our first patient dx with covid 19. We were informed last night by our CM and told to just monitor for symptoms. We have been diligent in use of PPE and requiring all the patients to be masked so per our CM, our risk of infection is very low. I asked if we should be isolating at all and was told no, just to monitor. So my question: I have 4 teens all in sports that are ramping up, in fact, I was at the ballfield last night when I got the call. I'm also a pastor's wife and we are socially distancing and wearing masks at church, but still around the congregation. And my parent's 50th anniversary party is in a week. We delayed the party until things calmed down, and now I'm thinking it would be best to delay again. We are just having kids and grandkids, but my parents are 76 and dad has diabetes and cardiac issues as well as some COPD. My sister in law is an RN in behavioral health and she doesn't think it's necessary that we delay since she "works around pts who don't wear masks". I'm torn since the company doesn't seem to think it's necessary to isolate, but I would hate myself if I was asymptomatic and gave it to my dad or someone else. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


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Get tested. That's the only way to know and it will give you peace of mind.

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