Experiences taking Biol 1593 & 1693 at TRU?


Hi! I'm thinking of taking Biol 1593 & 1693 at TRU but the reviews for the professor are scary and are making me reconsider. Has anyone here taken these courses before? Thanks!!


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I’ve taken these courses. Don’t worry about the professor reviews as you will have no interaction with them. The course is 100% reading your textbook and the provided course notes. You will need to be quite disciplined at reading for comprehension and memory as there are no projects or assignments. You will write two midterms which are timed and done at home, and then your final. I did quite well (As in both), but I worked pretty hard and ended up watching a lot of lectures or Crash Course Anatomy on Youtube for the things I didn’t quite understand.


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Thank you this is really helpful!! ?


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One thing to consider....if you want to transfer these courses to a program elsewhere, often times schools require the labs to be completed also. This was my plan too, as TRU offers the 5-day lab portion during the Summer in Kamloops. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, TRU has cancelled the labs leaving me in a bind. I am trying to figure out what to do but it’s been hard getting information from TRU, understandably.

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This is really helpful. I have a question as a British International student hoping to come over to Nursing School next year. I'm looking into getting registered somewhere to start my pre-reqs from October. I'm weighing up TRU and Athabasca (for some reason everyone says this A&P course is super tough). Are they essentially the same course with the same way of working? It's just self study right?