Experienced RNC needs help to create supply list for camp infirmery


I am an expirienced RN in neonatal intensive care, and nun in a monastery that is going to have a camp retreat for 60 children ages 9-17 years old for two weeks.

I need help in knowing what to supply and how much to supply for the infirmery.

also we are in a region with deer ticks.

Does anyone know a good deer tick spray or lotion to use.

also, what kind of CPR equipment do I need, do I need the AED machine?

This is my second time as camp nurse, but first time starting at scratch to make an infirmery.

I appreciate any advice or list you could give me. Also do I need back packs all stocked.

Thank you,

Sister Gabrielia, RNC


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for deer ticks, Off deep woods sportsmen or Cutter backwoods sprays work well. On the bottom of the camp nurse screen, there is a "stickies" I wrote a while back called estimated amounts of supplies for infirmary, this should help you out. For CPR equipment, you really just need a face mask, I am not sure about the AED you can check with your local Department of Health but if you can afford one, it would be worth it to have one on hand. We have cabin first aid kits with basic first aid supplies in them. It is a good idea to do this as the campers may not be close to the infirmary when an injury occurs. Hope this helps.....

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Estimated amounts of Supplies for Infirmary