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Experienced CVICU RN feeling "inexperienced"

by mjs5312 mjs5312 (New) New

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This is going to sound a little strange and I really didn't know where else to turn to. I haven't been on these boards in a long time, but with the privacy available on the internet, not to mention the fact that people will be candid......I felt this was my best option.

I have been an ICU nurse for almost ten years and a CVICU RN for 2, but lately I have really felt a lack of confidence. I feel like when I listen to other nurses "pick up" on something that maybe I missed, I feel like "I should have known that"....even if I get the theory or principal. I feel like I've gotten into this pattern of almost going "backwards"...like I used to know more.

The weird thing is nothing dramatic happened that made me feel this way per se, it's been kind of building and I just feel like other nurses are much stronger clinically than I....

So, what can I do about it ? - How do I not only rebuild my confidence, but strengthen my practice ?

highlandlass1592, BSN, RN

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Hmmm..went through a period like that myself. I found it was time to hit the books more....started delving into my references and learning a bit more. It seemed to help me quite a bit. I think the more knowledge you have regarding the common dx's you see, the more your comfort level will increase. Just a thought.

ghillbert, MSN, NP

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Have you done your CCRN? I found the process of studying for that and brushing up on some things I had forgotten I used to know (!) was a great confidence builder.