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I am a newer nurse graduated may 2020. I worked on cardiology acute care before taking another job. I now work in public health as the nurse manager of a rural health department. Total experience:

6 months beside nursing and 1.5 years of public health. 

I have fallen in love with Public health and desire to stay. During college, I worked for an attorney for 2 years as a paralegal. I am thinking of taking a course for LNC. I am just not sure I have the experience to actually make the course worth my time. I would appreciate any suggestions or advise! Thank you for you insight!!

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Taking a course is always a great idea in my opinion.

The real questions are how can you compete with others that have years of experience? How can you prove to attorneys that you have the ability to help them win cases?

You need to understand your "customer " (the attorney). If you were an attorney with a million dollar case, which nurse do you hire? 

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While its great that you have actual Legal experience (as a prior para-legal) , what the law firms are hiring for is Experience and Clinical experience at that, which is current and extensive. As a consultant you cannot give expert opinion as a clinician with only 6-12 months of experience. Get a couple of years experience in your chosen specialty then consider work as a LNC or expert witness. Be sure that there is a need for LNCs and testifying experts in the specialty that you plan on if that is the ultimate destination you wish to consult in.

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