Expected wait times?


I know this is a crazy year for new graduates, but I was wondering how long should I expect to wait for an interview invitation or rejection email? I am in the SF Bay Area, and I know the market is flooded with new nurses. I have applied everywhere and with multiple departments. Some hospitals, I get a timely rejection email and I move on to another opening. A few places I feel like I am in a "reviewing application" purgatory. Should I contact HR to find out the statues of these applications or just wait it out? While I knew getting into a position would be difficult, I wasn't expecting the lack of information and the frustration of being at the mercy of the Applicant Tracking Systems. I guess I was under the false pretense that prior medical experience and multiple hospital contacts would give me an advantage.

Thanks for letting me vent. Any advice would be appreciated.

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There isn't an answer to this. Each individual institution is handling these applications differently. No matter what, keep applying anywhere and everywhere. Even if you get an interview - keep applying. Even if you get a job offer - keep applying. You keep applying until you have a firm start date with wages worked out and orientation set up.