what is expected from the "millenium nurse"?

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What is different about a "millenium nurse"? Considering that each millenium begins with a year ending in the digit "1" (1, 1001, 2001), we had better find out before the new millenium begins.

1.Continue to give all of yourself to your Profession.

2.Stay aware of all the changes within your Profession.

3.Respect your fellow Nurse's beliefs.

4.Get involved in helping to change the crisis that is facing our Profession.

5.Do your best to greet each day with a sense of pleasure at what you do.

6.Continue to treat each patient as an individual, not a number.

7.Everytime you feel as if nobody cares, just remember, if it was not for you who would take care of those in need.

8.At the end of each long day give yourself a pat on the back.

9.Help your fellow Nurse's with their needs and be there to lend a helping hand.

10.Spread a positive attitude to all around you.

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CEWorden, LPN

Proud to be a Nurse

Hi lorelei 2575. For the millenium nurse, it will be more of the same. The difference is a faster working pace and increased focus on profits. We already know the expectations. RUsincere2 has clearly and concisely made that point in my opinion. I don't know, the design and operation of nurse robots may be in my future. I'm getting too old to keep up an increased pace physically.

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