Im taking my exit HESI next year.

Yay for graduation being so soon!

What books/programs do you guys recommend to study from?

What do your guys recommend i study?

How should i study?

As soon as next semester begins, we have a mock exit HESI to see where we stand.

Thanks for your help!


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Yes I would like to know for the future as well. I was given an HESI exam exit RN book to study from. I plan on using that as well as the NCLEX Saunders book plus additional supplements. Good Luck!


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Our school gave us access to adaptive quizzing and practice tests on the evolve website. Our school required us to take the exit HESI twice and I passed (scored above 900) both times. But I practiced thousands of NCLEX style questions (from various sources) the whole time I was in school. We also had to take HESI exams at the end of every course. So I had lots of practice. My suggestion is to do content review guided by the HESI book and also tons of practice questions. Good luck to you!