exit hesi help pleeeeease!!!!


I know that the hesi is Far from your mind, at least I hope it is. But, I was hoping that some one could lend a hand to a fellow struggling nursing student. if you weren't where I am you knew someone who was, so you can probably sympathize. I failed my first exit hesi and I have 3 more. 2 departmental comprehensives and 1 more hesi. I have heard that the comps are harder thatn the hesi so I am freaking out. If any one has some words of wisdom or study tips I would greatly appreciate it! I reall need to know just what to study. Right now I am doing springhouse review. HELP please.


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There are some free practice exams online. Just google Hesi.

My classmates bought a Hesi test book and some claimed that it helped. Take a look online what's available.


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There was several things on my exit exam and nclex I didn't have the slightest about.

For me, this was the one time test taking tips helped.

For example if the question is asking for you to do an action AND 3 out 4 answers are just making an assessment BUT not actually performing and action, then you can go ahead and rule out those 3 answers ....even if you don't have a blue's clue what the dx or tx or medication is.

This strategy never helped me with my nursing exams. They were beasts.

Try taking an nclex review class to help you bone up on your nursing knowledge and test taking skills. Perhaps your instructors can recommend a class to you.

That's what I did.

Didn't study one minute specifically for HESI. Passed every exit exam sans any problems.

Best of luck

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I thought all of the hesi exams I took were difficult. We had to take a med-surg, critical care, leadership and exit one. surprisingly I did very well in all of them except the med-surg one lol (they told us it didn't count so therefore I didn't really care, plus I had to take this one during finals week so my brain was already fried from studying for exams which I DID care about :lol2:)

I would just practice NCLEX questions. They will help get you into that critical thinking mode.

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My class instructor used to be a Hesi exit test preparer. First she taught us to weed out the wrong answers; now you will do the "weeding" when you are struggling with the question. Do not pick apart questions that you clearly know the answer too.

1-If the answers uses words like "always, never" etc it is probably not the right answer.

2-"Odd man in" if 3 of the answers look similar and one of the answers has better explanation or just stands out as looking completely different, then the "odd" answer may be a good choice

3-If two answers are similar then neither of them are the answer.

4-If two answers are opposite of each other (ie. supine-prone, hypertonic-hypotonic) then take a good look at them because one of them might be your correct answer.

I did NOT buy the exit hesi book nor did my other 3 classmates and all of us passed the Exit Hesi without issues. I used the Nclex 3000(online questions), kaplan questions online, and saunders answers & questions books. I only did questions and more questions all day long. I did NOT use the review books because I thought that learning how to answer questions was more important because you have already learned the info.

Have some confidence and don't overstudy!