Exclusively online BSN program ~ Smart choice for CRNA prep?

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I actually feel I learned more from the online course. Having to write about what I read helped me to retain more from each chapter. I would recomend it over the traditional classroom setting. Some people that I have talked with are concerned about not being disciplined enough to do the reading/homework without someone to provide guidance. It's whatever works best for you. My friend is going to NP school and 50% of his class through Blackboard (an online forum some schools use). I don't know about CRNA school, but it looks like a lot of material in Master degree programs will be online even if it is considered a traditional program. From previos treads, it seems that the CRNA programs have a lot of hands on training, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. Good luck.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, good luck on your studies! :)

I really appreciate everyone's willingness to contribute their thoughts and opinions! Any other insight out there?

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This topic greatly interests me, as I'm currently in an ADN program and plan to pursue my BSN online while working and then LATER go on to CRNA school.

I think that learning style may have an impact on your success in an online program. Personally, I get a lot out of my lectures. It helps me quite a bit as far as comprehension goes, even though one of my lecturers basically reads off the supplements. For some reason, it makes a difference. However, I have taken several courses online with no trouble at all. So it depends on many factors.

I have enjoyed reading this thread and look forward to more responses. :)

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