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Excited May be Attending WGU

Hello again,

No disrespect on here, but I believe I found the place I needed to go for answers and this forum isn't it. Sorry to be blunt but its my opinion that most people on this forum feed out negativity toward others. Either way I will stop at nothing from earning my nursing degree. Its really heartbreaking to see so much negative talk about medical assistants or those pursuing a certificate or degree in this field. I may start up a controversial discussion but I speak what I know is true. I read these posts and see such horrible comments posted about medical assistants. Yes nursing is my career choice, however I was given the opportunity to get a degree in the healthcare field that will give me hands on experience working with patients in which I would go back for nursing now I must consider if what I am doing is gonna benefit me or be a set back in getting my nursing degree. I have reached out to WGU Indiana prelicensure counselor and am waiting to speak with her on my options regarding this situation. And as far as working in a hospital when I graduate I have no desire to do that as this is where everyone wants to work and there is nothing special about working in a hospital that you couldn't work in another type of setting anfld get just as much satisfaction working with patients or clients. I say clients because I have a strong desire to work home healthcare as I can work a flexible schedule, work as many or few hours that the agency will allow. Sorry if anyone here gets offended but I can honestly say there is not much support on this forum for those seeking advice or those just sharing their experiences.

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Don't be sorry to be blunt. Many people involved in healthcare are blunt. Some people are blunt to the point that they will make you cry.

My point is it takes all kinds as they say; but you do have a right to express your opinion.

So stand your ground and live your life to the best of your ability.

And remember most among us, if honest, are very often still trying to figure this life out no matter who salutes us for what they think we are or are not.

And your expressed thoughts are as valid and valued as anyone's, anytime.

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Thank you so much for that. I appreciate all the support I get on AN its a great community and not I will continue to be a part of it even after I have graduated nursing school and out working in my desired specialty. Nursing will always be a highly regarded career and there are so many areas one can work in its amazing not to mention the salary is good and benefits are a super plus. I know I will definitely not get that being a medical assistant so again thanks.


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