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Exception to a board order

I want to ask for an exception to my board order in monitoring.

I plan on requesting a new evaluation.

I do not have the option of using an attorney also. One recently told me it was very hard for a board to change a board order.

however I looked at the exceptions over the past few years and about 1/2 of them get some kind of exception granted.

without an attorney and a new evaluation with no monitoring contract what do you think my chances are. I would be happy with any exception.


All you can do is try. I have requested an early release four times since I spent an entire year desperately looking for a job while being 'monitored.' I took additional courses, a refresher course, and have been in complete compliance. Nada.. Not even three months early during a pandemic.

I asked my monitor if these requests are actually reviewed, she assured me they are.

Good luck.

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

Specializes in OR.

Yeah, I tried the early release thing. Even my lawyer said it was a long shot (hey, I did appreciate the blunt honesty from him. Better than blowing smoke up my butt like the program had been for doing for years.)
After years of perfect compliance, no dilutes or missed check ins, etc, and down to nothing but counting days, they increased the frequency of testing (and therefore the $$$) across the entire population, adding in blood tests for alcohol when I (like many others) were not even there for that to begin with. A little invasive, don’t ya think? That got onto one of my last nerves.
I latched onto a line in their manual that stated something about requiring an evaluation ‘when being considered for early release.’ I read that as there being a slim possibility of them cutting someone loose early. So, for a couple hundred bucks (in the face of everything I’d spent thus far, not a lot) my lawyer made a call or 2 and constructed a nice letter and included some supporting documentation from me which they duly ignored for a few months and then on a nice chilly morning I got a conference call (yeah, knew what this was gonna be saying, LOL) telling me they thought ‘I would benefit from completing the contract.” Yeah, whatever, more like their bank account would benefit. Besides, I figure they didn’t want it getting out that someone being released early due to good behavior was an actual thing, because like most of what they say, it’s pure babbling BS, put in there to look pretty and nothing more. They are still going to do what they want, no matter how much it hurts people, cuz ya know, the $$$$$.


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