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which ASN courses at excelsior are Med Surg and Maternity and Pediatrics

the courses are named concepts or fundamentals,but that doesn't tell me what the

major subject is.....sure someone knows what each course really covers


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Heres the breakdown for ya...

Health Safety / Old NC1 Exam - Nsg Process, Health Wellness and Illness, Environmental Safety, Biological Safety,Med safety, Psych. Safety

Health Differences-/Old NC2 exam- Nutrition, Elimination, Oxygenation, Fl & electrolyte Balance, Activity, Mobility, Sleep

Chronicity/ Old NC3 part1 exam-Culture, Comfort, Pain, End of Life care, Sensory Impairments, Community Based Nsg

Reproductive Health/ Old NC3 part 2 exam- Human Sexuality, OB, Congenital and Genetic abnormal, Reproductive and Development Disorders

Health Differences Across the Lifespans 1/ Old NC4 exam- Cardiac, Resp and Abnormal Cellular Growth

Health Differences Across the Lifespans 2/ Old NC5 exam- Behavior responses, Cognitive assessment, Regulatory Mechanisms, Metabolic Mechanisms [Psych and Endocrine]

Health Differences Across the Lifespans 3/ Old NC6 exam- Infectious and Communicable Diseases, Tissue Trauma, Neuro Disorders, Musculoskeletal Disorders

Transition to Nurse professional/ Old Nc7- Ethics, HX Nsg., Nurses role, Health Care Delivery, Nsg Responsibilities

OB is Reproductive Health or the Old NC3

Med-Surg is pretty much all of the Health Differences Across the Lifespans (or NC4-6) which includes information on Peds within each course.

Hope this helps.



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As you can see from the breakdown that Felicia provided, Excelsior does not break down their exams according to the traditional subject listings. Developmental differences (peds and geriatric populations) as well as pharmacology, are integrated into each test.

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