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Excelsior Rn's from Ga, questions about gettin your Rn License?


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:idea:hi to all the ga rn's who went through excelsior.

would someone be so kind as to explain which state was the easiest to get your rn licenses from? the reason i ask, i have called the ga bon and can't get a straight answer if they will accept ec or not.

it is very frustrating trying to talk to these people:angryfire. one lady said that it is on a case by case basis and the bon would review and decide if ec meet ga's requiremnets.

i have talked to 4 different people, 2 said no, ga doesn't accept 1 said yes ga accepts ec and 1 was totally unsure.:uhoh3::uhoh21::uhoh21::uhoh21:

i would like to know if you were lpn's in ga, went through ec, passed everhthing, and then got your rn through another state such as south carolina, fla or any other surrounding state, then applied through ga's bon and received a ga rn license.

thanks so much for any and all help on this matter.

I am doing the Excelsior program right now and was told at my hospital that I would have to take the nclex in south carolina and they apply for a GA license when done.


Get license in NJ, NY, any number of other states, the get endorsement in GA.

What about the New law that took effect July 1, 2008 stating that you had to graduated from a college with the same requirements?

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