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is Excelsior program really accepted by employers?


Hi, I'm new to allnurses.com. I'm considering becoming a nurse and I've looked into brick & mortar schools in my area. The earliest I would be able to start any classes is Fall of 2011. Also, because of what I've heard about lots of places not hiring LPNs, I'm considering pros and cons of becoming an LPN first or just going straight to RN.

My mom graduated from Excelsior with her RN back when it was still Regents and she had no trouble finding a job at all. The difference is (besides the time) that she had prior LPN experience. I would like to hear from people that started at EC with no nursing experience and have finished their RN. Is it possible to get a job? Or should I just wait to start at a local college next fall?


I'm happy to be corrected if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that EC doesn't accept people without previous healthcare licensure and experience (LPN, EMT, etc.) or people who have completed at least 50% of a traditional RN program. I don't think it's possible to start "from scratch" and complete an RN program through EC.


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the above poster is correct. you cannot do ec rn program from scratch. you gotta have a healthcare license and clinical background (e.g. lpn, paramedic, respiratory therapist, doctor from other countries, etc...). i just finished my rn from ec and i was an lpn prior.

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