Excelsior post CPNE ATI Prep Questions

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Hey y’all!


So, does anyone know what things you have to complete in order to hit the “50%” mark for ATI to give Excelsior the okay for name to be released to take NCLEX? I have asked my coach, but I don’t get an exact answer. Is it just the modules 1-5 or is the nurse logic and RN 3.0 a part of it too? I find ATI hard to follow, and I’ve used other methods for studying.. but need to overcome this hurdle to be able to sit for boards!

Any advice is appreciated!


PS - I am due to graduate January 15th... I have already paid NCLEX fees and sent application in... how long until I can take NCLEX?!

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So did you pass on your first try?


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Hi there, did you find out the answer to your question? I am currently in the same boat, taking ATI.