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Hello, Im an RT jumping ship to RN due.

Im mainly doing it because of two reasons

#1.) Im afraid of my profession being phased out someday and the duties being passed to RN (dont know if this is true or not)

#2.) I definetly dont have the same job security as Nurses or advancement so I feel it's a good transition.

My question is: Can an individual live in Illinois (Metro Chicago) and take the Indiana or Wisconcin boards and work in those states, or work in a federal facilitiy in any of the three states??

If there are alumni here from any state who have graduated from the program...how long did it take you to find a job??

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Whichever state issues the license will be the state you are limited to UNLESS it's a compact state, which will make you eligible to work in all compact states IF you are a resident of a compact state; as well as being able to work in a federal facility in ANY state as an Excelsior graduate. Right folks?

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IL currently requires two years of RN employment prior to obtaining a license if you are an Excelsior grad.