Excelsior grads in Dallas area--anybody out there?

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I'm poised to take my NCLEX, just finished at EC and am interested in connecting with other Excelsior (and Regents, of course) grads in the area for some temporary (if necessary and/or preferred) support as I enter the working world as a new RN.

I'm northeast of Allen, which is northeast of Plano, which is northeast of Dallas.

Anybody else out here?

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My husband finished EC May 2002, passed NCLEX a few weeks later. I reviewed that CPNE book with him so much either one of us could have gone in for the test and done just fine. We live right near DFW airport. There can be a few sticky times when trying to get licensed after finishing EC. Overall not a big deal, but took a few extra phone calls. He had no trouble at all getting hired, he was hired on the spot in the job of his choice at his first interview and is in that position today. I'll pm our e-mail if you want to ask questions. :)


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Emailing you now. Thanks!

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